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Chris de Visser
Wageningen UR, NL

At Wageningen UR Chris de Visser is operating as a Business Developer in the bio-economy. He was started the Application Centre of Renewable Resources in Lelystad, the Netherlands, where tests and experiments are conducted on renewable energy (bio, solar, wind), on biorefinery and on algae cultivation. He participates in the strategic interreg project Energetic Algae and is working on business economics of algae cultivation and processing. He leads a consortium of a Public Private Partnership on decentralised biorefinery and aquatic biomass production. Chris de Visser has also been involved as a key-crop expert in the EUIP Agri Focus Group on protein crops and is board member of two foundations, one involved in vegetable production in Africa and one involved in rural innovations in Malawi.


Carole Llewellyn
PML - Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK

Carole’s interests are in microalgae and cyanobacteria, how they function and how they can be used to help tackle society’s big challenges. These big challenges relate to climate change, human health, bioenergy, food-security, aquaculture, waste-water and industrial biotechnology. At Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), Carole led a number of projects funded by the UK-Research Councils and the Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate-UK) working with industry to develop sustainable chemicals from microalgae. She also became involved as a partner in the EnAlgae project. Since joining Swansea University as an Associate Professor in Applied Aquatic Research Carole has continued to progress applied research on algae and her involvement in delivering EnAlgae.


Meave Edwards
NUIG - National University of Ireland, IE

Dr Maeve Edwards is a researcher at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), participating in the development of sustainable aquaculture research, with a particular focus on large-scale macroalgal cultivation. She is currently an action leader in the NWE Interreg IVB project EnAlgae, within which she coordinates the production of seaweed biomass data from three pilot facilities in Ireland (NUIG), Northern Ireland (QUB) and France (CEVA). In addition, she is a director of the Irish Seaweed Consultancy Ltd., and contributes to the field of applied phycology as an associate editor of the journal Phycologia.


Sofie Van Den Hende
Ghent University, Campus Kortrijk, BE

Sofie holds a masters in bio-engineering in plant production and a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences, both obtained at Ghent University. During her PhD ‘Microalgal bacterial flocs (MaB-floc) for wastewater treatment: from concept to pilot scale’, she specialized in microalgal biotechnology and developed the innovative MaB-floc reactor from concept to pilot scale. This has included work on microalgae for environmental technology (bioremediation of wastewaters and flue gas, anaerobic digestion to biogas), as aquaculture feed and as organic fertilizer. She was awarded the Ernest du Bois PhD Prize. The EnAlgae project enabled her to design and operate the mobile outdoor MaB-floc raceway pond on pilot-scale, in close collaboration with industrial partners, SMEs, other research groups and students. Currently, she is an effective postdoctoral research fellow at Ghent University on the INTERREG IVB NWE project EnAlgae with financial support from the Flemish Government and the Province West-Flanders. Being very interested in and passionate about algal research and communication, she is looking forward to innovative algal research presented in June in Vienna.


Benoit Queguineur, NUIG
National University of Ireland, IE

Benoit Queguineur was educated between France, Spain and Ireland, and currently holds post doctoral researcher position at the National University of Ireland, Galway under the INTERREG IVb ENALGAE project. His key area of expertise is macroalgae biotechnology and his research interests include the large-scale aquaculture of edible seaweeds (FP7 EU projects AQUAFUELS, ENALGAE), nutritional value of macroalgae, population dynamics (INTERREG IIIc Carrasea project), as well as environmental surveys.
Benoit Queguineur understands the challenges of sustainability and biotechnology to integrate seaweed into modern society. He is a regular speaker and contributor to International Seaweed Conferences and Roundtables.


Michele Aresta
University of Bari, IT


Alla Silkina
SU - Swansea University, UK

Dr Alla Silkina is a senior post-doctoral researcher within the algal biotechnology group of Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research at Swansea University. Alla has expertise with algal biotechnology and ecological physiology of microalgae, and her skills include mass culture of microalgae in PBR, and the optimization of growth kinetics. The main research interest is on the application of algal biomass for end-uses including energy, food and feeds and higher value products. For the last four years, Alla has contributed to the NW European focussed project ‘EnAlgae’.


Johannes Skarka
KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE

Johannes Skarka, born in 1979, studied Geoecology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Geology at the Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (France). Since 2007 he is junior scientist at the Institute of Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (at KIT) doing research on sustainability of energy from biomass with current focus on potential assessment of microalgal biomass in North West Europe and on LCA of algae technology. He started contributing to the project EnAlgae in 2011.


Phil Kenny
SU - Swansea University, UK

Philip Kenny is a research scientist based in the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research (CSAR) at Swansea University. He is currently the Algal Bioenergy Modeller for the EnAlgae project (Interreg IVB NWE) and was recently involved in the Algal Biotechnology for Advanced Bioproducts (ERDF Welsh Government) project. His speciality is in developing computational methods to predict and optimise algae growth using mechanistic models and to inform the design process for photobioreactors. A physicist by education, he has employed an array of numerical techniques to investigate how matter behaves in extreme conditions, to study superconductors, atomic spectra, stellar structure and blood flow through heart valves. He is also helping to create a decision support tool for EnAlgae, working with collaborators to develop a web-based interface designed to allow non-specialists to run their own growth simulations. This has led to an interest in ‘gamification’ as a means to introduce the science of biotechnology through play.


Giuliano Grassi
EUBIA - European Biomass Industry Association, BE

Giuliano Grassi has a 16 years professional experience in the management of the R&D programmes (PV, Biomass, Wind) of the European Commission; he has been five years Head of the Biomass R&D programme (CEC/DG XII), managing and co-ordinating projects on development of biomass crops, new technologies like flash-pyrolysis conversion, plasmachemical processes, new concept for power generation from biomass, Bioethanol from sweet-sorghum, large regional integrated bioenergy projects as important instrument of rural development. Evaluators of proposals for several programmes. Author of more than 100 books and scientific publications in the field of bioenergy.


Stefano Capaccioli
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, IT

Stefano Capaccioli is an environmental engineer specialised in the different issues related to energy production and utilisation, project manager expert in bioenergy for ETA Renewable Energies.
He reached a considerable level of experience in the field of energy utilisation and conversion not only under the technology point of view, but also as far as regards the economic evaluation and the socio-environmental impact. He is currently involved in the management of several projects in the framework of different EC programmes (INCO, IEE, FWP) as BEST project about bioethanol and transport.


David Chiaramonti
RECORD-Renewable Energy Consortium for Research and Demonstration, IT

David Chiaramonti is an Energy engineer specialised in Renewable Energies (mainly bioenergy/biofuels, wind and small hydro power), Energy Management and innovative energy technologies. He has also been working on desalination technologies. He is Contract Professor of Renewable Energy Systems at the University of Florence, expert on energy conversion and energy use, including the evaluation of environmental and socio-economic impact of energy policies and technology transfer.


Mario Tredici
University of Florence, IT

Organizer group

Shaun Richardson
SU - Swansea University, UK

Shaun is the project Manager for the Energetic Algae (EnAlgae) project, which is a 4 year, €14.5 million, strategic initiative of the INTERREG IVB North West Europe Programme, led by Swansea University. The project aims to reduce CO2 emissions and dependency on unsustainable energy sources through the development and application of technologies for the production of algal biomass and bioenergy.


Catharine Jones
SU - Swansea University, UK

Catharine is a publicity and communications professional who trained as a journalist and spent 16 years in the printed and television media working as an editor, producer, reporter and presenter.  For the last 4 years Catharine has increasingly focussed on marketing and publicising organisations and their projects. She is the Publicity Officer for the EnAlgae project based at Swansea University, UK.


Angela Grassi
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, IT

Angela Grassi is ETA-Florence Managing Director. Project management based on Economics and Political Science background and experience. Over 20 years organisation and management of high level international Conferences and Exhibitions in the field of Renewable Energies. Executive Committee Member of international conferences. Since 2000 organisation and management of the annual European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. Coordinator of international projects on renewable energies. Responsibilities include project definition, setting up of international teams, guidance and follow-up of project work, reporting, budgeting, project results assessment and dissemination of results. Author and co-author of papers published in proceedings of national and international conferences; contributions to specialised books. Preparation of final project reports for the European Commission. Managing editor of brochures, publications, scientific proceedings.


Matteo Prussi
RECORD-Renewable Energy Consortium for Research and Demonstration, IT

Matteo Prussi is an Industrial Engineer, today involved in research projects on microalgae for energy production. 
He obtained the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in research and development of renewable and alternative system for the energy production with a thesis on a MGT system fed by Pure Vegetable oil. 
His research works cover thermochemical biomass conversion processes as well as liquid biofuel production form alternative feedstock (algae) and use.
He collaborated with the Center for Environmental Policies - “CEP” of the Imperial College (London) researching on the interaction between energy and food markets in the framework of the European regulation for biofuels promotion. 
The current research activity is focused on the design of advanced systems for microalgae cultivation, in which the analysis of energy consumption is the core.


Andrea Salimbeni
EUBIA - European Biomass Industry Association, BE

Andrea Salimbeni has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florence. Since 2011, he is bioenergy expert and scientific consultant for the European Biomass Industry Association. He is currently representing EUBIA as project partner in two European Co-founded projects focused on the development of micro and macro algae at EU level: Energetic Algae(NWE), Algadisk(FP7). He published papers on Microalgae photobioreactor integration in Anaerobic digestion facility and he is currently investigating on microalgae potentials as feedstock for high value biofertilizer production. Before the experience in EUBIA,  Andrea works as journalist in Italy from 2008 to 2011. At present he is regularly subscribed at the National order of Italian journalists.


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