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Date: Wednesday 25 June 2014

Timing: 08:45 to 17:00

Where: CCH - Congress Center Hamburg, Room C 2.2

Both macro- and microalgae are increasingly being considered as a useful source of biomass for a number of industrial purposes. The aim of this one day event will be to get a better understanding on how algae fit into the current biomass industry and how they could contribute to a sustainable bioeconomy in the future. Therefore technological but also legislative bottlenecks should be addressed.

Discussions will be focussed around the following key questions and bottlenecks. These are provided as a guide and are not limiting.

  • How does ‘farming’ algae compare and fit with other agricultural crop production?
  • Algal biomass cultivation – which fitting technology fits with which application?
  • Large scale algal biomass conversion methods – which are economically viable and energy efficient?
  • Algae in wastewater treatment – bioremediation – is this the future for algae?
  • Which are the most likely industrial applications?
  • Which algal biofuels have a future?
  • What are the options for algal biorefineries?
  • What are the impacts on the environment and how do these compare to other biomass crops?
  • How might legislation impact on the growth of the algal industry?



Algae Event 2014