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Date: Tuesday 2 June 2015

Timing: 10:00 to 18:30

Where: Messe Wien, Exhibition & Congress Center, Vienna, Austria
Room: Stolz 2

The last edition of the Algae event 2014 in Hamburg was very well received.

Macroalgae and microalgae are increasingly being considered as a useful source of biomass for a number of industrial purposes. The aim of this one day event will be to get a better understanding on the sustainability of algae production and utilisation and on how and why algae can be used for biorefineries. Discussions will be focused on energy input-output, mass balance, avoided greenhouse gas emissions, chemicals and fuels production, market perspectives. 

There will of course still be a strong focus on interactions between research, industry and policy makers for the algae sector, one of the prominent and promising branches of biomass that is contributing to an emerging low carbon economy. We still need to focus on how scientific innovations can be more efficiently exploited and on the needs of the cutting edge industries leading the way with scaling up of technologies. In addition, we will highlight the research priorities in the minds of industry and policy makers and how environmental sustainability can be maintained and simultaneously economic sustainability achieved. 

Thanks to all who submitted an abstract for the Algae Event 2015. Papers will be presented in oral and poster sessions and all presented papers will be published in the EUBCE 2015 Conference Proceedings.

During the Algae event 2015 the Algal Information Network (AIN) will be presented. AIN is developed in the framework of the EnAlgae project and aims to support the development of algae sector in Europe by improving the cooperation and knowledge of market forces, research organizations, policy and decision makers. Its role will be to develop productive and active initiatives able to contribute to the algae sector scale up in Europe.

Algae Event 2015